Made For Families

​The COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions have made clearer the importance of building and maintaining strong family ties at home, as well as supporting employees to balance their family and career aspirations. An initiative by the National Population and Talent Division in the Strategy Group, Prime Minister’s Office, Made For Families, aims to assure families in Singapore of support from the government and community at large as we emerge stronger from the crisis.

The Made For Families brand mark represents the different ways – big and small – in which Singapore supports families. Companies, organisations and community groups can adopt the brand mark to identify themselves as promoting the value of family in our society. Government programmes that help couples marry, start and bring up their families will also be identified as reason why Singapore is Made For Families.

Supporting Singaporeans in fulfilling their plans to get married and raise families is a key national priority. While the Government's Marriage and Parenthood package has been enhanced over the years to provide comprehensive support and address the evolving needs of Singaporeans, everyone can also play their part. Together, we can foster a society that is Made For Families, by laying a foundation of support, from family-friendly spaces and workplaces, products and services, and family-bonding activities.  

Made For Families ecosystem

Brand rules

The Made For Families brand mark must be treated with dignity and respect, and it should not be part of and/or used to:

•  Make threats of violence, personal attacks or derogatory remarks against others;
•  Advocate any political or religious agenda, or cause conflict or misunderstanding in society; and
•  Depict any inappropriate content.​

The use of the Made For Families brand mark serves to identify organisations and initiatives that contribute to the ecosystem that supports families and raising children in Singapore. Adoption of the brand mark does not imply endorsement by the Government of any event, product or service.

The official Made For Families brand mark is available upon registration and approval here. Any unauthorised use of the Made For Families brand mark from other sources is strictly prohibited.

Take the #WeAreMadeForFamilies Challenge

Show Singapore how your organisation, initiatives, product or service is Made For Families. Take part in the #WeAreMadeForFamilies challenge! Here’s how:

Step 1
To show your support for families, simply share in your social media channel, how your organisation, initiatives, product, or service is Made For Families. You can highlight your family-friendly programmes, policies, practices, amenities, products or services. Use the hashtags #WeAreMadeForFamilies and #SGUnited in your post!

Step 2:
You can further support the #WeAreMadeForFamilies challenge by becoming an official adopter of the Made For Families brand mark.

By adopting the brand mark, you can identify with the wider ecosystem supporting families in these ways:

• Use the Made For Families* profile picture frame on your social media channels;
• Adopt and display the Made For Families brand mark on your website, collaterals and family-friendly initiatives; and
• Place the Made For Families wobbler and decal* at your premises.

* You may indicate your interest to adopt the Made For Families brand mark, as well as to receive the decal and wobbler in the registration form below. The Made For Families brand mark will be sent to your registered e-mail address upon review and approval.

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