Project Liquid Gold
An initiative by NTUC U Family,

Happiness Poll
Happiness Poll is held yearly to find out the state of happiness of working Singaporeans. The latest poll was conducted in November 2013 with 5,255 U Family members polled, and the results shed some insights into the contributing factors to one’s happiness level at their workplace.

Time To Care
As a voice for working families, NTUC U Family conducted an online survey to find out more about the needs and concerns of these working Singaporeans with caregiving responsibilities in August 2013.

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Reignite Your Career in the Financial Services Sector
Join us in our Financial Services sector networking event, explore upskilling or reskilling opportunities and network to reignite your career in the Financial Services sector!

LEGAL CLINIC FOR UNION MEMBERS - 19 October 2017, 16 November 2017 and 14 December 2017
Facing a legal issue on a personal matter and have never sought legal advice before? Call us to make an appointment for free basic legal advice with our volunteer lawyers.

Entrepreneurial RoadMap: Navigating through Challenges
Join this half-day event to find out more on the key challenges and pain points faced by entrepreneurs today!

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