Have a bite
Your babys first tooth is yet another milestone. Generally, the first baby tooth sprouts at around six months of age.
Picky Eaters
Some parents feel like pulling their hair off just trying to convincing their finicky toddlers to eat their veggies. Instead of engaging in a food war, why not try the following ideas?
All babies big and small
Babies, like adults, come in all shapes and sizes. According to their genetic make-up, some will grow up bigger than others.
Your childs first shoes
Your child is ready for his first pair of shoes when he is able to walk steadily barefooted which is between 11 and 14 months old.
Head to toe milestones
Your babys shoulders
Head to toe milestones Your babys knees
0 to 6 months Notice how in the first few months your babys knees are bent as they were in your womb before he was born. Over these few months he soon realises that he has all the room in the world to flex his knees and straighten out his legs.
Head to Toe milestones
Your babys toes
Fun with Phonics
Eager beaver parents dont start trying to teach your child to read soon as he starts babbling! Read to him as often as you can - stories and other books. Get him to enjoy books so that when the time comes..
The "terrible twos"
Welcome to the terrible twos! It leaves you wondering how your darling angel suddenly became such a monster.
Why Art?
Art is important to children and their development. Studies in the US show that children who have art lessons in their weekly activities:
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