MMR vaccine  myths & facts
Myth: MMR vaccine causes autism
What is Apgar score?
It is your child's first test taken right after he is born. Apgar score was developed by an anaesthesiologist, Virginia Apgar in 1952 to evaluate a newborn baby's physical condition after delivery.
Baby Cuisine
Like adults, babies will enjoy variety in their food. Run out of ideas what you can cook for baby, try these recipes from Baby Cuisine published by the National Healthcare Group Polyclinics. You can buy this booklet from all NHG Polyclinics at $2 each.
The BIG Problem
Fat may be cute in babies. In older children, it spells trouble.
Not too sweet please!
Show me a child who does not like sweets and chocolates. But it is common knowledge that too much sugar is bad for your childs health.
Happy holiday!
Travelling with young child can still be fun and enjoyable, with some preparations. For international travel, it is wise to visit your doctor who can advise you on any immunisation requirements or any recent disease outbreaks.
Introducing Solid Food to Babies
Babies begin to have their first teeth around the age of four months. At the age of nine months, babies develop firm gums although all the teeth may not have developed yet. Babies are now able to chew and mash food using their gums, and this is the time to introduce textured food to them.
Jaundice in babies
About 60 per cent of newborns develop jaundice because their immature liver is too young to handle high levels of bilirubin. The excess amount is therefore deposited under the skin and eyes, leading to jaundice.
No Milk for Me
All babies cry. But if you find that your baby cries excessively, it may be because he is allergic to the protein in cows milk. Although a person of any age can have a milk allergy, it is more common in babies about 2 to 5 per cent of babies are allergic to cows milk.
Lazy Eye
Amblyopia is commonly known as lazy eye. It is not to be confused with squints.
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