Yummy vegetables
Just as a rose still smells as sweet by any other name vegetables are still vegetables whether cooked plain or in a fritter. With some imagination you can come up with interesting recipes to camouflage vegetables and have your kids..
Cold Facts
Can you stop your child from catching a cold? No not especially if he is attending daycare or preschool where he is exposed all the other children. It is not unusual for children of preschool age to catch a cold six to seven times a year.
Constipation  When passing motion is difficult
A child with constipation experiences difficulty in passing motion. This is common among babies in the weaning and early childhood stages. Unsuitable milk is usually the prime cause of constipation.
Prolonged poor appetite  Food phobia
This problem is more of a concern of the parents than the child. Successful infant feeding requires cooperation between the mother and her child, beginning with the initial feeding experience and continuing throughout the childs period of dependency.
Cough - Irritated airways
Cough is a symptom associated with upper respiratory tract infections. It occurs commonly with runny nose and sometimes fever. It is a protective response to prevent accumulation of secretions in the airway so that our breathing can be clear.
Skin Problems - Insect bites
An insect bite reaction occurs soon after the insect bites the child. Redness and swelling on the area can be seen immediately. It usually lasts for a few hours to a few days. An insect bite usually involves a localised reaction
Burns and Scald  Dos and Donts
Burns are caused by fire, electricity, chemicals or by coming into contact with a hot object. Scalds are caused by steam or hot liquid. When a large area of the skin is burnt or scalded, fluids will be lost from the burnt skin, which may lead to shock and skin infections.
Frequent bowel discharge beyond the usual number (up to twice daily is still normal) can lead to dehydration and other complications.
Raising a Good Eater
Obesity in children is a growing health concern. Unless, this problem is nipped in the bud, these kids will in time become obese adults, setting them up for such ailments like heart disease and diabetes.
Travel Tips
Travelling with young children, particularly infants and toddlers, need not be faced with dread. With a little bit of planning, travelling can be hassle-free and something to look forward to.
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