Book Club
Book Club

Millie Goes Shopping
Rhyming words and picture story book
C is for City: An Alphabet Book
Explore and learn all about alphabets thriough colorful illustrations
Grandma Calls Me Gigglepie
Read all about the cute nick names that children and adults like to make up.
Good Night, Owl
A good read for baby
Take Turns, Max and Millie
When Max and Millie go to the nursery, they spot a brand new toy that they cannot wait to play with.
Animal soup: a mixed-up animal flap book
Meet a squale (squirrel + whale), girelephant (giraffe + elephant) and many more new animals in this hilarious board book with cute illustrations!
What will you do if you are an egg waiting to hatch?
Cuddly Baby
Enhance your babys sense of touch with the touchy-feely textures of the cuddly animals in the story and let your baby learn about parts of the animal body in a fun way!
Dotty is a short yet sweet story of a little fawn learning to overcome an obstacle, that is, crossing a small stream to join her mother doe on the other side of the waters to feast on fresh berries.
My Precious Little Bear
Join Little Bear on his adventure discovering new places and friends!
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