Book Club
Book Club

Are you my Mommy?
Looking for a touch-and-feel book with rhyming words? This could just be the book for you , as the story takes you and your baby on the journey of a little duckling looking for her mommy.
Baby 411: Clear Answers & Smart Advice for Your Baby's First Year
A new baby brings much joy and excitement to a family but it can also bring a dose of anxiety and fear. Parents have to make many decisions and choices, from choosing the right pediatrician for their baby to even deciding if a pacifier is useful. Worry not, for this book is your saviour!
Knack* Raising Your Toddler (*Knack Make it Easy series)
In twenty chapters, this book delves into raising a child from as young as one year old to three years old. This guide is very comprehensive and covers topics such as traveling, mealtime, socialising, potty training and behaviour and discipline.
Your Babys First Year
A comprehensive and useful guide to all aspects of infant care, authored by leading pediatricians whose expert advice that parents can trust.
The Explosive Child
A thoroughly researched read for parents with young children seeking to understand their temperamental behaviours. The book proffers analysis, solutions and even quotes from actual sessions with adults and children.
Youre A Good Mom (and your kids arent so bad either)
Have you ever felt that you could not keep up with that perfect neighbour of yours who bakes the most scrumptious cookies, keeps the house flawlessly spotless and volunteers in school without feeling frazzled?
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
This delightful book consists of a rhyme that ultimately highlights what babies around the world have in common.
Babycare week by week: the first six months
As a first-time mother, you may experience the gradual change from being thrilled to being exhausted with the daily demands of handling a newborn. You may start to wonder how to be a competent parent, or if your baby is growing as he ought to be?
Gina Ford's Top Tips for Contented Babies and Toddlers
The author, who has hands-on knowledge as a maternity nurse and child-care consultant, infuses her book with advice for fathers and mothers who are desperately searching for sure-win ways to look after their babies effectively.
The fun book for moms: 102 ways to celebrate family
From sleep deprivation due to night feeding when the child is a baby, to chasing after the energetic and curious toddler while he discovers the world around him and putting up with the growing up pains of your teenager.
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