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Top Tips from the Baby Whisperer : Breastfeeding

Published on 26 May 2011

By Tracy Hogg

Call No. 649.33 HOG-[FAM]

All Rights Reserved, London: Vermilion, 2010

Reviewed by Norbishah Binte Sharif, National Library Board


Ever wondered when to start to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby? Worry no more because this fascinating guide will help you delve into several aspects of it.


The book shares on what E.A.S.Y stands for - Eat, Activity, Sleep and time for You. You will also discover how to be a Patient and Conscious or ?P.C.? parent when it comes to breastfeeding.


This book aims to give solutions and advice to some of the usual problems that parents face when it comes to feeding their child. There is even a table indicating when you can start to breastfeed or bottle feed your child and how much and how often your child should consume. You will also learn that breast milk comes in three parts: a watery liquid, a bluish white liquid and a thick yellowish creamy substance.


Food management is another interesting aspect that you will take away from the book through the acronym B.A.R.N. They refer to Behaviour (your child?s), Attitude (yours), Routine, and Nourishment and according to the author most eating problems are related to at least one of these elements.


Can?t wait to find out more? Visit the nearest library to grab a copy of this guide.




Reviews contributed by Hiew Pek Een, Norbishah Binte Sharif, Noriahni Ismail, Judy Kong, Chen Luojia, Galvin Soh, Lim Sieu Pin and Hussain Bachek, National Library Board.


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